Pink Touch 2

A theme that has a stellar mix of color, texture and typography. Designed by Kcmr. It features a custom header, custom background, and maximum three widget areas in the footer. It comes with supports for several post formats including aside, gallery, image, quote, link, chat, and audio.

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Pilcrow’s 6 different layouts, with multiple sidebar configurations, four default color schemes, custom header images (using featured images in posts and pages), and a customizable background, make personalizing your blog a snap.

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A clean, responsive writing theme with support for site logos, featured images, fancy pull quotes, and more.

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Parament is a great all-purpose theme featuring a dark color scheme with bright orange highlights and a textured background. Add your own personal flair by uploading a custom header or background image. Parament’s full-width image template allows your images to display as large as possible for maximum impact.

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PLEASE NOTE: 1.4 is a major update. Please see readme.txt for a list of changes. Pachyderm is a cute, clean, responsive microblogging theme.

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